“Secretary of State. That’s what I wanted. That’s all I wanted. That’s what I was promised. And now, here I am, President of these United States.

You made this bed, America. You voted for me. Are you confused? Are you afraid? Because what you thought you wanted is now here.

And there you are, staring back, slack-jawed, bewildered, wondering if this is what you actually asked for.

This democracy, your democracy, elected me.

And if you think it was hard getting here, you’re beginning to understand what I’m willing to do to stay.

I look across at this crowd gathered today and I know that these are not my supporters. I’m looking at people who are waiting, with a smile on their face, for their turn. And the most vicious among them are the ones who are smiling and clapping the hardest.

Power is a lot like real estate. Remember?”

President Francis J. Underwood — House of Cards (S05 Chapter 61)





“Control can sometimes be an illusion, but sometimes you need illusion to gain control. Fantasy is an easy way to give meaning to the world. To cloak our harsh reality in escapist comfort. After all, isnt’t that why we surround ourselves with so many screens? So we can avoid seeing. So we can avoid each other. So we can avoid truth.”

Elliot Alderson – Mr. Robot – S02E05 eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme

“Why should I?”


“See, after my time at Cardiff, I went away. I decided I should do things differently, operate from a place of total authenticity. Be open, be human, do the right thing. But the truth is, no one else made that pact with themselves. So why should I?”

Joe Macmillan – Halt and Catch Fire – S02E10 Heaven is a Place

‘Lost Rewatch’ – Temporada 2, Episodio 17 – Lockdown

Henry Gale - Lost - Lockdown

HENRY GALE: Couldn’t you find my balloon?

ANA: Yeah, we found it.

SAYID: We did find your balloon, Henry Gale, exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described — your wife’s grave. The grave you said you dug with your own bare hands. It was all there. Your whole story — your alibi — it was true. But still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave and found that there was not a woman inside. There was a man. [Sayid shows him a driver’s license] A man named Henry Gale.

Al fin se desvela que el prisionero de la escotilla no es quien dice ser. Por ahora sólo sabemos quién no es. Aún queda un poco para descubrir su verdadera identidad, y aún más para conocerle del todo. Pero lo más interesante de este episodio, en el que Locke y el prisionero se quedan atrapados en la escotilla por una especie de cierre de seguridad (Locke se queda, además, atascado bajo una de las puertas y el hombre hasta ahora conocido como Henry Gale le ayuda a salir del aprieto), es este misterioso mapa que ve Locke dibujado en la puerta que le oprime las piernas. Sí, también tardaremos un poco en saber qué es eso que aparece dibujado en ese mapa.

Lost - Lockdown - Mapa

‘Lost Rewatch’ – Temporada 2, Episodio 16 – The Whole Truth

Henry Gale - Lost - The whole truth

HENRY GALE: Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don’t you? Guess it makes sense she didn’t tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time. Of course, if I was one of them — these people that you seem to think are your enemies — what would I do? Well, there’d be no balloon, so I’d draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush — good place for a trap — an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they’d use them to trade for me. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?