‘Lost Rewatch’ – Temporada 3, Episodio 16 – One of Us

Lost Rewatch - s03e16 - Juliet y Ben

JULIET: I know what to do.

BEN: Let’s go over it again. Just to be sure.

JULIET: I drag Austen out into the jungle, handcuff myself to her, then tell her I was gassed, just like she was.

BEN: And if she catches you in the lie?

JULIET: I’ll admit to it. Tell her it was the only way to earn her trust.

BEN: Good. What then?

JULIET: They’ll take me back to the beach. I know you want me to go there, but after everything we’ve done to them, its going to be a problem.

BEN: We’ve activated the implant in Claire, she should be symptomatic within the next 48 hours. By the time you get to that camp, you’ll have a nice big crisis to solve.

JULIET: I’ll need supplies.

BEN: Pryce is already on his way. He’ll hide the case at Ethan’s old drop-point. Tell Jack that you can save her. He trusts you… are you alright?

JULIET: I’m fine.

BEN: [Hands Juliet a gas mask] See you in a week.

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