‘Lost Rewatch’ – Temporada 2, Episodio 19 – S. O. S.

'Lost Rewatch' - S02E19 'S.O.S.'

ROSE: I lied to you. Back in Australia, Isaac — he didn’t heal me. He didn’t do anything.

BERNARD: Of course he did.

ROSE: Bernard, he didn’t heal me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not healed. When you’re sick and you have got something inside you that doesn’t belong there you can feel it. And after the crash I couldn’t feel it anymore. At first I thought it was just shock. But it wasn’t. It’s this place.

BERNARD: But you said Isaac fixed you.

ROSE: I told you that so that you wouldn’t spend what time we had left trying to do something.

BERNARD: Rose, you could just be in remission. How do you know it wasn’t Isaac who healed you?

ROSE: Bernard.

BERNARD: How do you know that he didn’t heal you?

ROSE: I know. I know.

Rose sabe que no es la única curada por la isla. Conoció a Locke antes de subir al avión.

'Lost Rewatch' - S02E19 'S.O.S.' - Locke y Rose

ROSE: Trust me. I know.

BERNARD: You don’t want to be rescued, do you? You think if you leave it’ll come back. And if you can’t leave, neither can I. We won’t ever leave Rose.

Es cierto. Nunca se irán.

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