‘Lost Rewatch’ – Temporada 2, Episodio 11 – The Hunting Party

Lost - Hunting Party - Mr. Friendly

TOM: This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reason you’re living on it is because we let you live on it.

JACK: [smiling broadly] I don’t believe you.

TOM: You don’t believe what?

JACK: I think you’ve got one guy up there with a gun. I think there’s more of us than there are of you. I think if you had any real strength, you wouldn’t have had to send a spy — Ethan.

TOM: That’s an interesting theory. [suddenly yelling and raising his arms] Light ‘em up!

Lost - Hunting Party - Lights

[Torches are suddenly lit and the group is surrounded by at least 13 people just out of sight.]

TOM: We’ve got a misunderstanding, Jack — your people, my people. So listen carefully. Right here, there’s a line. You cross that line, we go from misunderstanding to something else.

Los Otros hacen una demostración de poder ante Jack, Locke y Sawyer en mitad de la selva. Son más de los que pensaban (aunque tardaremos aún en saber cuántos son realmente) y la isla es suya. Si los losties siguen vivos es sólo porque ellos lo permiten.

Como a Locke, a Jack tampoco le gusta que le digan lo que puede o no hacer, así que empieza a pergeñar un plan.

Lost - Hunting Party - Jack

JACK: Is it true that you killed one of them?

ANA: One of who?

JACK: Them. [Ana nods.] Sayid tells me that you’re a cop.

ANA: I was a cop.

JACK: Can I ask you something?

ANA: Shoot.

JACK: How long do you think it would take to train an army?

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