‘Lost Rewatch’ – Temporada 1, Episodio 16 – Outlaws


SAWYER: I never cared about having carte blanche because I just wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this Island that just don’t belong.

[Kate drinks.]

KATE: I never carried a letter around for 20 years because I couldn’t get over my baggage.

[Sawyer drinks.]

SAWYER: I never killed a man.

[Kate drinks. Sawyer drinks.]

SAWYER: Well, looks like we got something in common, after all.

El momento finalista de la semana es la reveladora charla entre Sawyer y el padre de Jack, Christian, en un tugurio de Sidney.


CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD: I was a Chief of Surgery.



SAWYER: So, we’re in hell, huh?

CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD: Don’t let the air conditioning fool you, son. You are here, too. You are suffering. But, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s fate. Some people are just supposed to suffer. That’s why the Red Sox will never win the damn series. I have a son who’s about your age. He’s not like me, he does what’s in his heart. He’s a good man, maybe a great one. And right now, he thinks that I hate him. He thinks I feel betrayed by him. But what I really feel is gratitude, and pride because of what he did to me. What he did for me. It took more courage than I have. There’s a pay phone over here. I could pick it up and I could call my son. I could tell him about all this. I could tell him that I love him. One simple phone call and I could fix everything.

SAWYER: Why don’t you?

CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD: Because I am weak.

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